Yacht Racing Rope including Dyneema ropes

Dyneema Ropes For Yacht Racing & Perfect Control


Dyneema® is also called high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE), used in the manufacture of several types of ropes, Yacht Ropes, Dinghy Control lines, Soft shackles, 4x4 winchlines. Supplied in a number of grades Dyneema SK75 Dyneema SK78 and Dyneema SK99 we also hold Kingfisher Dyneema Cruise, a good performing Dyneema rope that fits the leanest of budgets.

Q. What is HMPE/Dyneema® and Dyneema rope?  A. The short answer is Dyneema® is the world’s strongest man-made fibre.

Q. Why should I be using Dyneema ropes?  A. Because they offer the highest load rating per mm compared to conventional ropes of the same diameter.

Q. Will Dyneema® ropes last   A. Yes, a Dyneema rope with a polyester sheath should last and ware the same as a 100% polyester equivalent. 

You will find our products in uses such as yacht racing, heavy lifting, maritime, sub aqua, defence, winching, vehicle recovery 4x4, aquaculture & fishing and a few more.  At The Rope Company, we offer rope solutions with HMPE/Dyneema® in order to offer you the lightest, strongest and most reliable solution possible. 

Racing Dyneema 78 12stand Rig12 Dyneema Cruise Dyneema Swiftcord Racing Dyneema 99 Pro Halyard.